New Orleans Indian Restaurant, Nirvana Review

One day, I’m talking to a friend about Indian restaurants in #NOLA and the next, I’m being invited to dinner at Nirvana. Foodgod, is that you?

 Nirvana is an ornate, authentic Indian restaurant located on Magazine street. Ive passed by this place numerous times and never once crossed my mind @ giving it a go. Basicccccc. Anywho, the 8pm resy was made & Mary on the beat & I arrived fashionably late @ 8:10 :) 

Pro-Tip: Most restaurants give a 10-15 minute grace period; however, calling ahead and notifying the business is always preferred. 

(Chili Shrimp, Garlic Roti)

First off, the restaurant is lavishly decked out with detailed, Hindu paintings and sculptures of Ganesha. I remember wanting to get this tatted on me but that’s only because it was a pretty version of an elephant to me. Service was comfortable and pleasant…just how I like it. I would’ve appreciated recommendations  from our server, but thankfully I’d done my Yelp research and there were photos of the dishes on the menu. So happy I came in knowing I wanted cause the menu is thick.

Top left dish: Chicken Tikka

I went in knowing I was on wine that evening for a few reasons: It’s Wednesday…RELAX. I had an early morning flight the following day& lastly it was my vibe that complimented my sultry look. That plan changed once I saw this festive, ombré looking cocktail passing by my table that featured lychee. So, I went from being modest only drinking wine to getting my evening poppin’. Oh & did it get POPPIN’ lol. A bottle of wine was also in order.

Chicken Basmati Rice

( Chicken Basmati Rice) 

(Flag of India)

The food was scrumptiousssss! Lots of Bread, hella rice, chicken chicken chicken which combo are you pickin’ complimented w/real life spice🌶 Shit was rollin’. I’d actually recommend this restaurant for a dinner party because it’s chill giving your party an exclusive feel, the interior is gorgeous for all your photos & the servings are family style cutting down on cost and w everyone can try a little bit of everything. Switch it up, and explore the taste of India for your Bday this year. I have a surprise for y’all. Stay tuned or sign up to my email list. 😉 

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to @ Nirvana and can’t wait to come again and need y’all to try as well. 


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