The idea of the campaign is to amplify the message behind Fat Girls Taste Better and highlight the perspectives that fuel the women's empowerment movement. As the creator, I made the choice in 2019 to leave the meaning up to my audience. For years, I found that aspect enjoyable and fresh… hearing what people would discover intrigued me whether I shared the view or not. The words, “Fat Girls Taste Better” in red print catches your eye and naturally makes you feel a way. Me being the person I am, found interest in that because it presented the opportunity for me to see how people thought. Over the years, I realized  these same four words that breathed confidence into me, brought humiliation to others. This same phrase that gave the chubby little girl in me getting thirds at thanksgiving peace, made others uncomfortable. I learned that just because my slogan exuded this mystique sex appeal to me, didn’t  excuse the fact that it made someone feel like the elephant in the room. Three years later, I’m proud to be directing this campaign to further the good and put an end to the unclarity of my inquisitive pleasures.


The women featured are the epitome of the FAT GIRLS TASTE BETTER community and embody the persona of a true FATGIRL.. These women are dynamic. They aren’t perfect, but they act like it. They have stories that you’d never write for them. They wear these insecurities that have been placed upon them by society like a crown for all to see. This group is made up of my supporters, my friends, my cousin and a woman I literally met a week prior to the shoot. To show the type of woman she is and what a Fat Girl embodies, I’ll share. I was attending a Women's Month Brunch when the curator of the event pulled me aside to let me know that there was a woman eager to meet me. Never having met before, I found that moment refreshing. Not often you come across a woman, who goes out her way to embrace another… especially in that particular setting and in the manner she did. That spoke volumes about her and I knew she had to be a part of the campaign. A week later, the same woman showed up for me with not even a full week’s notice convincing everyone to join in on her Tiktok dances. I have significant stories for each of these women, but I won’t share because this would get lengthy and I love a good mystery. Lastly, whether they know it or don’t, they each move with grace, swagger, and take up space and that is why I chose them. 

Women's voices are imperative to the success of the Fat girls Taste Better movement because that’s the demographic I’m aiming to impact and without their voices, the message behind the movement can get lost. Also women and young girls need to hear from other women and girls that there's  a movement that encourages them to own the flaws that complement them. They need to hear, feel, and see the power and peace that is a result of simply owning their shit. I can speak from experience, that once you master that, you’re untouchable and effortlessly radiate a star factor that you’ve been telling yourself is nonexistent. I once spoke for myself, but today I speak for so many others like me. I owe that to Fat Girls Taste Better for allowing me to be a vessel to so many.

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