Natalie Taste blogs her foodie adventures, fashion & fun.

With an unpredictable realness, YIFG provides numerous dining recommendations from a local source, all while promoting the eateries to tourists, locals and foodies alike. And has become a reliable opinion when it comes to restaurant reviews and all things food related.
Your Inner Fat Girl was created in 2016 by a reserved college student with low self esteem who desperately looked for approval from those outside herself. That 20-year-old college student was me. One day, I chose to step outside my comfort zone and document my own interests: FOOD. It's what made me happy. Along with the joy the page brought me, I was able to show off my unique personality and style. Over time, it became a space where I found acceptance in rocking to the beat of my own drum. My inside finally looked attractive to me. Fatgirl gave me confidence to BE. I came into who I always saw myself as, who I most related to in movies or knew I was at heart. Finally, after releasing myself from the fear of judgment and insecurities, I revealed my inner self and my audience felt that realness. My supporters became my motivation to remain consistent. They saw something in me I didn’t see in myself...and sometimes still don’t see. They see a woman that is a force, confident, ambitious, fearless and can ultimately push them to see through their own dreams and make it reality. The impact of my platform, I don’t take for granted one bit. In business, brand or organizations we all have our why. Why we got started and why we choose to’s the backbone of the business. When it comes to Fat Girls Taste Better, my why is so precious to me. My why is meant to uplift women of all backgrounds/identities and organically fuel confidence in the next woman to be proud of all that she is and that includes the flaws that complement her. “My inner Fat girl” is no longer shying away from being her true self. She lives out loud and won’t have it any other way.
Tastefully Yours, Your Inner Fat Girl


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