Five Hottest Restaurants For Valentines Day in NOLA

1. Tableau


Tableau is one of my favorite places to eat on any occasion and is located in Jackson Square on the corner of Chartres St. and St. Peters. I recommend this spot because they have a $55 pre-fixe menu for a special Valentines Day Dinner. You can expect 3 floors of dining, a courtyard and balcony seating so there's a few vibes in there depending on your occasion. For example: On a Superbowl Game Day post COVID-19 you would request the Drawing Room on the 2nd floor. The wall mirrors turn into televisions and theres a bar that serves up a classic French 75. Tell them it's your birthday to receive a complimentary creme brulee :) 

2. Yo Nashi

Yo Nashi is a Japanese restaurant located in the CBD on Carondelet Street. I’ve been here once and that alone made it top 3 of the places I’ve dined in Nola. This hidden gem is special because it’s an omakase style restaurant which means you’ll receive chef selections of  8-10 courses. Not only is everything delectable but it gives you a chance to try something new. Yo Nashi's menu is seasonal so you’ll be experiencing the freshest local ingredients that invoke a sense of transportation while simultaneously being rooted in the city. 

3. Irene's 

Irene's is a quaint, Italian and Creole, restaurant located in the French Quarters nestled in between Chartres St & Decatur. It's easily missed to say it's in an area local millennials frequent. I'd have to say this eatery is the option for the seasoned couples i.e. the folks date that have been dating for 6 months & up. My menu selections are the mussels (appetizer), lamb chops and/or lasagna, ending with NY style cheesecake (the best I've had)! 

4. Arnauds

Arnaud's is a well-known, Cajun/Creole restaurant located in the heart of the French Quarters on Rue Bienville. I've been trying to get here for the longest because they're connected to the French 75 Bar and that's gotta be a situation. 

For Valentines weekend, Arnaud's offers a pre-fixe 7 courses dinner for $75. You cannot beat that! I say rally a  group of girlfriends together or your beau to take advantage ASAP. 

5. N7

N7 is a Bywater, French bistro with Japanese highlights who's interior will transport you to another region. I swear the entrance will have guests convinced they're at the wrong location; yet, the insides will leave you feeling apart of an exclusive dinner club. N7 is one of those low-key vibes you can comfortably dine with a side piece. "Have no fear, you won't see any peers here!" I'd recommend this for a group of girlfriends on Galentine's Day with requests to sit in the garden area.

Here's the extras :) 

6. Jack Rose

Jack Rose is a fun and lively restaurant that resides in the Ponchartrain Hotel on St. Charles Street. This is a top pick for any special occasion in New Orleans and V-Day weekend wouldn't be any different. Grab your group of girlfriends and reserve your spot today because V-day festivities are in full swing. Chambong, Ashley Longshores Lil' Wayne portraits and wonderful service, you can’t help but adore this gem of a restaurant.

7. Effervescence 

Effervescence is a bubbles bar in the French Quarters on Rampart Street. This chic lounge is known for champagne flights and small appetizers, and weekends you can expect a chef in house serving up yummy creations. Valentines weekend they are featuring a lobster dinner and caviar brunch. I'd tap in if I were you. 

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