Young woman holding a cheeseburger slyly in front of a dimly lit restaurant bar

Need a jazzy spot to grab drinks with girlfriends? New to New Orleans and trying to find a place that compliments your bougie aesthetic? Craving grown & sexy vibes that gives you a reason to put on a suit jacket? Well, the Commons Club is the spot you've been longing for.

(Toasting to new vibes @ The Commons Club Bar, Tyree aka REEZUS)

When, us, New Orleanians think of going out with friends, I find that we are limited and/or don't have that luxe, exclusive atmosphere we're going for. That changes with The Virgin Hotels, newest addition located on Baronne Street in the artsy Warehouse District. Opening at 5pm and closing at 10pm, the Commons Club is where you'll catch the who's who of New Orleans beginning his or her Friday night. 

2 young women sitting together, smiling in front of a hotel

(Me making new friends per usual outside The Virgin Hotel, Tyree aka REEZUS)

           When I was invited to dine at The Commons Club, I knew the Lord had been hearing my prayers. "SCORE!", I exclaimed as I read and re-read the message! In preparation, I twisted my hair, booked a last minute photographer & makeup appointment because this hot spot was not about to catch me feeling and looking less than my best. Not gone lie, I even visited the evening before to scope the scene. What I saw was different... 

(Entry at Commons Club, Tyree aka REEZUS)

Inviting Staircase leading to balcony

(The Commons Club, Natalie Tate )

Vibrant interior and seating or lounge area

(The Commons Club Lounge Area, Natalie Tate)

Dining Room at restaurant in New Orleans

(The Commons Club Semi-Private Dining Area)


Atmosphere & Ambience: For a restaurant named the Commons Club, it is everything but common...BY FAR. The interior of this entire hotel is incredibly designed. Upon entry, you'll be greeted by pleasant staff and full, wall length mirror. To the immediate right will be the entrance to the eclectic Funny Library or coffee shop featuring a number of "Instagrammable moments." If you choose to continue straight ahead, you'll come upon the stunning elevator area which will lead you to an exclusive 2nd floor balcony that overlooks the Commons Club decked out bar. Or take a trip to the 13th floor to explore the Pool Club, which is the rooftop bar & pool. The Virgin Hotel lifestyle brand group did a fantastic job with this area. At sunset, you can literally feel the "hot and heavy" aura and the moody lighting screams SEX. The skyline view on the balcony is simply the cherry on top might I add. The balcony has a secluded feel as if anything goes and your business won't leave the building. Now for the actual restaurant, the multitude of seating areas the Common Club has is impressive. There's an area to entertain, spacious lounge seating, 2-tops for dates, and raised outside seating giving a view of the street, but shaded by drapes. It's truly overwhelming in a great way. 

Vibrant interior of a coffee shop

(The Funny Library, Natalie Tate)

(The Commons Club, Natalie Tate)


I could go on and on about the lavish layout but let's dig food is getting cold. 

Cheeseburger being held and dipped into ketchup in a bar setting

(Waygu Smash Burger & Finger Condom, Tyree aka REEZUS)

Food & Cocktails: The dinner menu is small featuring more cocktails than starters & entree options. A concise menu is normally preferred; however, I would've appreciated two more options based off the offerings. Maybe they'll add on as the restaurant matures. I was recommended the Waygu Smash Cheeseburger by a fellow foodie and let me tell you... it did not disappoint. It is a double cheeseburger cooked medium with a side of McDonalds french fries (not literally). The burger was 10/10 recommend. Soft, handheld, neat, scrumptious, flavorful and I swear it melted in my mouth with each bite. 

           If you're reading this I'm already knowing you f*ck with Waygu so GET THE             DAMN BURGER.

 Young woman eating a cheeseburger

(Tyree aka REEZUS)

Service: The service at the Commons Club was decent considering it was a busy, Friday evening and I was dining at the bar. I also came with a photographer so I understand it could've been much to digest in a hectic environment. It took longer than what I'd expect for a medium-temp burger to arrive but again no ones tripping because its Friday and if you're anything like me, you would already a cocktail in and CHILLING bringing nothing but VIBES.

(Never Trippin by Tyree aka REEZUS)

Positive memory I left with: I broke a nail and had a Scoobydoo bandaid on..don't ask and the receptionist asked me if I wanted a more sophisticated bandaid. She gave me a finger condom as you'll see in the photos LOL WTF. If you see this, good looking out girl;)!

This playful hotel is where the fun, stylish and sophisticated hang out and if you're reading this I'm sure The Virgin Hotel is screaming your name. Meet me there or beat me there ;) and if you haven't guessed it, The Commons Club is #YourInnerFatGirlAPPROVED !

Hope you enjoyed and keep scrolling for more thoughtful details, prints, textures, nostalgic games, novelties, and most importantly LOOKS/INSPO. 

(Tyree aka REEZUS)

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  • Jazmine
    • Jazmine

    Okay so now I want a burger! I 100% agree there aren’t many luxe spots for our crowd so I was excited to see the Virgins Hotel popped up! It’s so cute too! Loved your review!


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