Swan restaurant in Miami sign at entrance

Swan is Pharrell & David Grutmans restaurant located in the heart of Miami’s design district. Pharrell is why I know about this place and solely why I dined here. Any Pharrel fans in the building? Okay, okay y’all are in the right place. 

Manicured hand placed on a menu with two cocktails in background of restaurant

           “Would you like to dine inside or outside?” 

That’s a great question to start off any dining situation. With the Miami heat, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be outside but it was all good cause’ the courtyard was heavily shaded with white drapes, fans and beautiful greenery! The inside interior is girly with pink and green pastels, artwork on shelves and a gorgeous bathroom to match. Since I’m going in on the ambience, I can’t go on further without mentioning the music. PHARREL HAD THAT BITCH JUMPIN’!! Haha, no but forreal it was all soulful music, D'Angelo, with a hint of Frank Ocean vibes. 

purple cocktail in a glass

Service from beginning to end was attentive, comfortable and accommodating. If I’m ever in between a couple options on the menu, I'll ask my server to take the lead and choose for me. Surprise me haha! Shoutout to that boy. He led me right with the drinks, apps and entrees. 

We started with octopus, which was decent and reminded me of lobster (as far as the texture goes) until I got to the end of it’s tentacle. The cocktails were the best part of the entire meal I wanna say. It’s brunch so, we stuck with just one: Spicy Jaja Margarita & Purple Reign. A spicy margarita is my FAVORITE on vacation (you won’t find many of these in New Orleans–If yall know, comment below). This margarita has strong notes of passionfruit that I loved.

Spicy Jaja margarita on a table

Now let’s get down to the food: Short Rib Fusilli (rosemary, parmesan), King Salmon (farro, avocado, grapefruit) . I didn't know what to expect for my entree but it was yummy. The salmon dish was different mainly because of its components. Grapefruit, avocado, then the farro. Farro is a type of grain that looks like brown rice, has a nutty flavor, and is chewy. This grain serves as a  great source of protein and fiber. Similar to quinoa; however, farro almost doubles the value compared to the same size serving of quinoa. So switch out your rice for quinoa, switch out your quinoa for farro. That’s for my health conscious folk.  

Octopus appetizer

Short Rib Fusilli
King Salmon, farro, avovado, grapefruit

That’s my foodie lesson for the day. You're welcome and I hope you enjoy this review.

Bon appetit b*tches!

 **There’s a New Years party happenings here. I’d look into that if I’m in Miami during that time. But really all the restaurants out there are going UP. Choose wisely ;). 

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