Your Inner Fat Girl Five NOLA favorites!

Neyows Creole Restaurant

Neyows Creole restaurant of Midcity is my go-to when running the city streets and craving a home cooked meal.  This black owned restaurant is sure to meet your needs when searching for an authentic creole cuisine, as I always recommend it to New Orleans visitors. Recently, Neyows upgraded to a spacious building with a gorgeous outdoor seating area & bar which really boosted the restaurant in my opinion. This courtyard is definitely the place to be on a Friday & Saturday evening before you take on your turn up festivities. However, I️ do suggest dining in small groups because you will find yourself on a lengthy wait. Suggested course: 

Cocktail: Neyows 32oz Bow Wow Fruit punch 

Starter: Dz charbroiled oysters

Entree: Red beans & Rice with Fried Chicken

Dessert: Homemade Bread Pudding 


Located in the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, Domenica graces the top of my favorites list for a few reasons. I’ll start with the atmosphere, which I️ can only describe as smart, swanky, & stylish. The environment alone ushered me in and I immediately knew it was a place for my cool friends & I to hang out. Aside from the food being authentically amazing, the drinks executed the job with the desserts to top it off. Lastly, there’s a stellar happy hour Monday-Friday from 2-5PM. 

 Suggested course:      

 Drink- Spritz Starter- Arancini or Roasted Cauliflower 

 Entree- Lasagne Bolognese 

 Dessert- Affogato

The Joint

Located in the Bywater area is the only place that needs to be considered when hunting for BBQ in New Orleans. The tender meat, smoked in-house surpassed my expectations of what I knew to be praiseworthy BBQ. I recommend the ribs, brisket and burnt ends because one cannot go wrong. Service was great, and they have a funky vide inside. I am a sucker for patio areas so the outside seating won me over. My recommendation is try a little bit of everything and come in small groups. 

Café Amelie

Cafe Amelie on Royal St is a great option for Saturday or Sunday brunch. From the food to the atmosphere you cant go wrong with this Royal street gem. I enjoyed the chicken and waffles topped with a savory andouille gravy complemented with a cocktail named after the restaurant, The Amelie. Did I mention that its creative friendly? There are numerous places to capture great pics or simply vibe with the ambience.  I left here with a smile, full stomach and more than enough pictures for my food blog. 

Bayou Wine & Beer Garden

Bayou Wine & Beer Garden located in Mid-city, New Orleans is the perfect spot to get your night started with a group of friends. This neighborhood bar entails every aspect a successful bar should; an extensive beer selection, strong mixed drinks, and an enormous patio. The food isn’t bad either but who genuinely cares when you’re lit. This bar also offers wine tastings, so gather your bougie group of friends and set a date!

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