Fat Girls Favorite Five: Beer Edition
  1. Gnarly Barleys Jucifer


This Hammond brew is my all time favorite beer. Hoppy; yet, smooth when it goes down with tropical papaya, mango, and grapefruit notes (is this a thing when not describing wine?). Anywho, I also love the branding. How cute is the can! Don't let the cute appeal fool you though, this bad boy will sneak up on you (6% ABV) 

2. Michelob Ultra


If there’s a sporting event you can catch me drinking this light brew. It has a crisp and clean taste that truly makes me feel better than the rest when it comes to choosing out of the select options (Budweiser & Heineken).

 3. Miller High Life, “The Champagne of Beers

 9/10 you’ll see me pairing this American Lager with boiled crawfish. I can’t tell you when or why I began drinking High Life’s (correct term when ordered) but I do wish it was because of the slogan. Last year for holiday season, the Milwaukee brew sold limited high life’s in a champagne bottle. The beer goes for $2 at the bar and you truly can’t beat that for class.

4. Blue Moon


That awkward space where you sort of drink beer but not really...yeah this Belgian Wheat was my beer of choice back then. Blue Moon is hoppy and refreshing when served with or without a fresh orange. I will always have a place in my heart for this pick. Also, don’t be fooled...he has a 5.4% ABV

 5. Urban Souths Carpe Rose


“I don’t like beer but I LOVE Carpe Rose” said the basic b*tch. Not full on beer experience, but a nice introduction into the culture. This Rose cider ale is a 2019 baby of Urban South. You can find this beer featured at bars around spring time. It’s rose all the way and quite the thirst quencher :)

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