Bonnets is a Caribbean-inspired, soul food joint that lies on Magazine street in the former hookah spot. This joint is black-owned, cozy and cute. Unfortunately, I rate Bonnets 2 stars because of the high priced and unsatisfying food. I understand this is a new eatery, which is why I challenge my fellow INNERFATGIRLS to give Bonnets a try. Tell them #iputyouon :)

I was stoked to try Bonnets on magazine, y’all. I even passed up another restaurant that was top of my list that also happened to be a couple doors down (Ask me where. Or you could google it) I had to support my people FIRST! Youkno?

Upon entering, I noticed there wasn’t much seating which could’ve been an issue if others were there… Its new. I understand. To start, we ordered jerk chicken rolls fried green tomatoes. Seaux spicy, seaux good. #YUM


As for my entree, I cannot say the same. I ordered jerk chicken, rice beans with a side of crawfish macncheese--I plays it safe when trying different cuisines. My sister ordered oxtails and my boyfriend, goat. YIKES! Dawg, this was too much for me at once. Maybe I dont know what I'm talking bout cause' I don’t eat this cuisine often??? I DO KNOW #goodfood though and this was not it.

My jerk chicken had a strong taste that I could not move past. The rice and beans weren’t wortha shit either. Damn that’s harsh:/ My side of crawfish mac was more of there for moral support in between bites of my other food. As for my boyfriends food, my sister I described it as, “eating off the goats back”. Fresh? Authentic? Take that how you want. Thankfully, my sister’s oxtail was okay and by that I mean edible.

When it came to the service, our waitress was very cute, attentive and made sure our visit was special. HOLD UP. Did I mention the food was pricy?! Awe lawd, we broke the bank. Roughly $25-30 an entree which is upsetting when you didn’t enjoy the food. F@xk. It’s all good dawg, support your people. I will be revisiting in a few months. Bon appetit bitches ;)



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