SOULFOOD: When Essence Reneged on the Offer

As of lately, social media users have been pointing out everyones instagram feed being solely an unrealistic highlight reel. I get it, I see it and I agree. I too play a part in this trend, but what can I say...who wants to share low experiences. I felt the need to share this particular event that made me a little sad regarding my brand, Your Inner Fat Girl. I hope for those that only recogize the highs, can soon appreciate the lows that put you in position for the next win.

The following video tells a story about an offer I received from Essence Festival March 2019 and how they withdrew less than a month later.

This is an unedited and spur of the moment video recorded on photobooth 1 May 2019 @ 1:15am.

The very beginning, middle and GODAWFUL end!

Now I gotta hold my head and find a respectable way to respond. Ain't this some shit. I'm just here to say the comeback going triple platinum lol. Time to make up for it! Lets get it May 2019! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Tastefully Yours,


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