Fatgirl Goes Skinny: 3- Day Juice Cleanse
This 3-DAY juice cleanse was a breeze truly. I can finally say it lol. When I initially decided to do the juice cleanse it was bc I was feeling fat. I ultimately began when a friend told me it cleared her mind and that’s what I need most out of this season. The juices totaled to $130 which I was fine w. Hell its 18 juices. I wouldn’t expect anything less.
Throughout the cleanse, my purpose became more about disciplining myself. I woke up this morning starving and thinking of all the obnoxious eats I could indulge in. Before getting up to raid my fridge I hopped on the scale to see a cute 155lbs across the screen. Girl I got me a green juice. I’ll begin practicing intermittent fasting for the next couple of weeks to see how it works out.
I recommend this juice ladies & mens. See below an unclear record of my cleanse notes:


Day 1/Juice 1/


The taste is subtle & sweet

Consistency is thick--ion like dis

I want almonds already. Chocolate covered almonds


Day1/Juice 2


-SO YUMMY & refreshing. Definitely a relief after the juice 1.

-Consistency is loose.

-I don’t want almonds anymore but I wish my sister was also on the cleanse so we could have no food in the house. Cause I’m moments away from eating a boiled shrimp. I got this tho   

Juice 3/Roots2


Tastes better than I expected.

Consistency is similar to juice 1, medium thickness

I feel fine. Got distracted w work & took it 30 min late and realized upon feeling light headed. I didn’t look at any food In the fridge so I’m doing fine as far as craving a solid food.


This one is my favorite thus far!

Juice 5/Greens 3


STARVING! Racing to this juice.

Not a bad taste. 

Light headed, Minor headache.

Juice 6




Chicken Broth

I NEEDED this. I'm light headed and I want to EAT. I ate half of this bc I put too much seasoning in it. Its 7:30pm now & I feel fulfilled and ready to take my behind to sleep.


I don’t feel good. Head on hurt. I haven’t drank any water today. Can't really sleep.

Day 2/ Drink 1
Back at it again. 157 lbs when I weighed myself this morning.
woke up drank water.
Juice 1 & is much better than it was yesterday... It’s actually good.
Chicken broth w/mushrooms.
Wow, I’ve been looking forward to this all day. What a treat.
Day 3
-I had a terrible headache last night. Didn’t take any medicine. Headed to sleep around 11:30pm. I feel fine this morning.
Wow I’m fucking starving. Almonds it is. 7 almonds. More like 15 but I did the damn thing.


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